SCHUR technology

The company is based right here in Horsens and is a leading supplier of packing solutions. With over 50 years of experience, they have developed advanced machines for retail packaging in carton, plastic, and marking systems. Schur Technology is just one of the 15 companies within the larger international Schur company, specializing within packing and packaging. Altogether, the company has offices situated all across the globe, including Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Australia, and the USA. Together, Schur excels in customer service, always putting the customer at the center of each project.


Hunters Racing is challenging today’s latest technology by going back to a time where the car is driven and not driving itself. We want to combine the simplicity of yesterday with the technology of tomorrow. Our car is designed as an old-time beach buggy, daring the driver to explore beyond the limits of the road. The ideal driver is passionate, hunting for adrenaline and a raw driving experience. “Racing is not about driving, it is about being driven.”

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